1. Monday, 3:13 pm
1. Monday, 3:13 pm






2. Apparel Makes The Man
2. Apparel Makes The Man

As dreams pass it by

through people’s head and burn,

that is the chance to analyze

how far the world is going to turn

wishes and lies

in selfish free time

brokers jump from a trench to another one

under skyscrapers and fire-falls

run and don’t turn around

wishing the best for who you wish.

are you looking for your look

inside your head, under your skin?

people don’t even know

where’s the only liable

but the truth is what i found

when i was standing still in front of a bomb

it’s late to wake.

it may late to make

after something understandable and plain.

you can’t think but you can ease the day

in your brain

i can smell

sleeping motions.

i will cut off

your subalternation

you hear someone’s crying for freedom on tv

but those are problems you cannot see

you see hell one meter further away

but never mind what happens today

someone tells you:”it’s easy to understand

the craziness in the world, the power of a man”

the power of one man among fellow men

how an ant could be king of the anthill, my friend?

are you still

thinkin’ that

you have a role here?

even your wont


what should be clear

your resistance is part of

human nature

keep your violence

when times are mature 

join hands with the man you are

join hands with your perfect life

take ‘em to the middle of a crowded place, lying down

you, dying man, will be unobserved,

in the world of outwardness

the vision of your body is something they can’t stand

you will be immortal, if you think you are

if you try and succeed in livin’ as if you were god

appearance, appearance creates the man

it’s the addiction he can’t detach himself from

my suggestion is “the less you have, the less you lose”

sleep a lil’ bit longer, you will be more and more tired

follow me with your gaze, maybe something will change

but i don’t feel strong enough, in my loneliness

i’ll turn slimy garbage on the streets into diamonds 

the difference between dying inside and dying outside

is just in how long the soul

takes to dismantle itself.

cheek and courage are the arms

imprisoned inside you,

cause someone told you about the existence of the excess.

i have nothing in my hand you can rely on

3. Waking Hour
3. Waking Hour

I walk on this floor

slidin’ sometimes

incredibly high

the mud is so soft

tomorrow’s snow-white

how could i fly away?


remember this view

the day i won’t call

i’ll climb over that wall

the joys of the world far off

where the eye doesn’t reach

how could i fall away?


most of us knows

hot to die in life

before the right time

our skin could be smooth

it’s easy to see

the wrinkles are inside


how can i trick this?

how to be myself?

tryin’ to leave my bed.

i keep repeatin’

it isn’t only my fault

but i’m the only one to feel guilty at all”


it would be nice to know every person of this world.

even the cruellest one

to understand my very imperfection in an handshake

evil is consequence

without explanation of a pain or a lacking

i would go beyond any creed, remembering

that there is also therapy

for a guy who knows how to smile

i wanna go beyond the paradox of a lonely man

who disappear sooner, for the someone else’s happiness

someone else

someone better

i wanna find the unknown and the solution

i will be able to explain the sense of life

only after having understood

the human slant towards the destruction of this very life

4. Craziness
4. Craziness



lull me

calm down

my duality


you’ve felt my nature

being stronger and stronger

but i was only a child

without pride

just like you



find me

kill me

or tell me how to be


you were looking at me

with a mother’s eyes

how could have your mistakes

guided my way

far from yours



5. Round Canvas
5. Round Canvas

Here’s my colours, here’s my chair

Here’s my table and my slippery stairs

Out of here

All I have is endless time

To paint it

No perfection, no forgiveness

Just equality in madness

Blue, look up

I’m here to publish my draft
Just you

Now listen people, spread and mix up

‘cause I shape people don’t hate enough

I offer a scare goat, make it part of the slot

You can fight together against the odd


When you need to reason, with force there it is

And if hatred wants to go outside of you, there it is

when you’ll desperately look for confirmations

I’ll be there lookin at you and I will judge


All your lives are seen to a hole in the sky

I know, you want to know the reality of the night

You just have to close your eyes, trying be blind

Imperfection is the only fault of the light

Appreciate this gift


How could you understand someone from whom you’re scared?

Someone you don’t want to know, someone you prejudice against

Lift your hands, and lift your gaze

Make a prayer, change your day

Find the way to forgive for big mistakes

Find the strenght to teach your great enemy

How different are you?

6. Hope For Breakfast
6. Hope For Breakfast

beyond my sticky skin

for the world need

sand and gale

frightened smiles

i disappear

hauling crying

a word to the wise


just a direction

i long for a choice

among brightness

gold without voice

i could claim

with my strenght

the best of a bad


my body can cry

melting away

i’ve some other chance

to live this same day



endless decline,

i’m addicted to freedom

i don’t feel like being careful


i don’t think

about crossroads

i make choices

that no one knows

it’s common to see

flash of life

when your life

hangs in the balance

shoot the paint

and write your name


my body can cry

melting away    

i’ve some other chance

to live this same day

i’ll kill all the negative

digging my own grave

look what they’ve done to this

perfect world

a broken mirror

7. Breaking News
7. Breaking News

i was just in the middle

but i didn’t want to look behind me

you know that you were doing wrong

just when you deal with your illness

we call ours things we don’t own

baby maybe

i’m telling you a story about my time

fairytales about the real world

about my life

could sound so unbelievable

peace we’re living in is an exception

it’s just an homeless dream

people who create gold from paper

i can’t stay, i can’t go

baby maybe

i’m telling you a story about my time

fairytales about the real world


8. Climax
8. Climax

look at me

by chance, can’t you see

beyond yourself?


i forgive you

i’ve had my hard times too.

it’s exactly when you fall

that you can rise,

and you will rise


but i don’t feel

that i can be part of your

next goals


take me into your time.

mind me later.

we dreamt our climax

when together, in a playground,

we fell-down every day.

remember, the climax we hoped for,

we were livin’ in


we give faults to time

it’s accelerating all the things

important in our life

emotions, defects, reasons why

i have no reason why

screen these perfect nights


and take me into your time

anytime you don’t need

we dreamt our climax

when together, in a playground

we fell-down every day

remember, the climax we hope for

we were livin’ in

change the dress and the context for your new lie.

you’ve created shelters where you’re gonna cry


cry for me, cry for me, i hope it so.

how big was my invention?

a pain i used to know


seein’ you through a mirror in my eye

you beyond my mirror, beyond my profile


cry for me, cry for me, i hope it so

how big was my invention?

a pain i used to know

9. Constant Dropping
9. Constant Dropping

on a cloudy day,

so far away,

it seems to be like in a lullaby,

where you can also start to cry

but you wouldn’t need a place to hide.

i can show you the way

through thousands of red oaks that will never die,

among nature wisdom, good folks and delight.

you would be close to the fruits of the life.

there can’t be rules in the world of the right

shall i open the door of your mind?


i’m the only thing that can hear you

when you’re sad and no one knows it.

i’m the conscience you denied a long time ago,

when your mind was still empty of the bittersweet world.

but i can only listen to your pain, helplessly

we are together lonely

without knowledge

without taste

without any likeness


well beyond midnight, the core of a drop of water

will divide your being in two parts.

an iron thunder that crashes in the sea of your gaze.

just a minute to think and continue to wait.


a local dream, in the dark of your complicity,

could be necessary for you to stay.

picking this clover

the earthquake would be the least of your problems.

you will have to stay up for eternity.


giants defeat a daily headwind, through the oaks

lovers look for freedom under the ground

meadows hide our kingdom and many more

rivers join forces consciously

thoughts long for the branches, unreachable

strong sandy armour covers the heart


it’s like taking freshness in a handful of fire.

you play at mortal god for your own delight.

reasons that i don’t want to listen to.

my face knows where to look and i know what to do

i’ve seen pieces of my father’s conscience flowing donwstream.

things that had been bright with his heart became grey without

i live in a land where the people know

that all the things they do have consequences


someone stole our trouble minds

an entire life thinking about our present time

(we can never do something bad, we can never be the best)

do less, take rest

throw powder on the lines

run from left to right, you will never be found

(go out just when it’s raining)

you’ll never reach your land

(find the time to wait it)

and where’s the bad

and where’s the bad


hold me now,

hold your new brother’s hands.

my words lose their meanings in front of you.

a hurricane

grows from the land to the sky

it takes you in, it takes you out


your brain

stays unbroken,

while you feel crazy before the beginning of the last turn.

leave me now,

feel free and alive.

breath pure air and what is black turns light.


10. Monday, 3:21 pm
10. Monday, 3:21 pm